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Training sessions in Scenario Planning and Futures are available on 5-6 Mar 2018. See below left

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SAMI: The home of scenario planning
The world is changing. Fast. You need to make decisions in the face of uncertainty. But you can no longer depend on looking to the past to make decisions about the future.
Evidence from McKinsey and others shows that companies with a long term view outperform their peers. You need to be one of them.
Since 1989, SAMI’s experienced consultants have delivered over 250 foresight and strategy projects in 21 countries. Our expertise and empathy will help you gain the “aha” of insight, scenario planning for alternative futures, and make robust decisions in uncertain times.
SAMI’s consultancy, research and training will support your futures thinking and help you develop strategies and policies that will stand the test of time.

  SAMI Consulting - The home of scenario planning

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We plan more courses on Futures Thinking and Scenario Planning 5-6 Mar 2018. See Training Page

We have also a new proposition for support to organisations looking to use Futurescaper to help with their Horizon Scanning and Drivers Analysis.

SAMI supports Horizon 2020
SAMI has undertaken a Strategic Foresight project supporting the third strategic programming cycle of the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, covering 2018-20. Building on existing Foresight research projects, we generated 4 scenarios of the future which were used to explore the implications for H2020
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Article published in BRINK
The fourth industrial revolution and challenges for government describes the issues facing government as a result of artificial intelligence and other tech changes, written by David Lye, fellow and director of SAMI Consulting. (BRINK is a digital platform which delivers insights on risk and reslience to leaders worldwide.)


Scenario Planning
Several clients have asked for a quick summary of the whys and wherefores of scenario planning (eg to think about Brexit), so we have produced a comprehensive round-up of the approach:
Scenario Planning – A Primer.
For who wish to read more deeply, SAMI CEO Gill Ringland has also re-published her definitive book,
Scenario Planning
in paperback.

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