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SAMI: The home of scenario planning
The world is changing. Fast. You need to make decisions that will stand the test of time. But you can no longer depend on looking to the past to make decisions about the future.
SAMI provides consultancy, research and training to help organisations plan strategy and policy with an eye on the future. For example:
• Organisations facing total upheaval in their business environment, leading them to question their role
• A government building a vision for Higher Education, helping them turn this into a white paper and implementation
• Organisations looking to create new business opportunities by approaching clients through futures thinking.
We’ve already delivered over 200 projects in 21 countries. SAMI can also help you gain the “aha” of insight, plan for alternative futures, and make more robust decisions.

SAMI Consulting - The home of scenario planning

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Futures and Strategy
SAMI and the Strategic Planning Society are running a series of seminars on futures issues.
The next is on the future of information on 11 November 2014, in London.
For an invitation, please contact Gill Ringland.


Futures Coaching Courses
A new season of courses on futures started last year, in conjunction with GoS and CSL, open to all.
Details here.

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