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Futures thinking - learning and development

SAMI has a track record of running highly rated strategic futures courses on behalf of the Horizon Scanning Centre and Civil Service Learning. As well as continuing to offer bespoke training courses for in-house teams, SAMI are now offering courses open to everyone.
Download our training portfolio here

  • Futures Thinking - Two-day workshop -

    This practical "hands-on" course is designed to give participants a good understanding of a range of futures techniques and includes exercises to gain confidence in using them. There are plenty of opportunities to discuss case studies and for participants to share their experience. Topics covered include:

    • Why it is important to anticipate the future
    • Horizon scanning and scanning databases
    • Drivers of change, with an introduction to systems thinking
    • Introduction to automated scanning tools and scanning databases
    • Scenario planning methods and building scenarios
    • Using scenarios to develop and test policies; and assess stakeholder impacts
    • Introduction to systems mapping and modelling

    Our next workshop is on 22nd and 23rd of September. Contact for more information or to sign up.
    The agenda from a recent course is here.

In conjunction with "Better Boards", we are running a number of courses and workshops aimed at Board members, including Non-Execs.
  • Promoting risk literacy in the Boardroom

    This half-day workshop will help you understand your Board's attitude to risk, examine the unseen and unspoken risks which Boards often take and develop an improved appreciation of uncertainty. More details here

  • Dealing with uncertainty

    Political & Economic uncertainty is the new business environment norm, so we are now also offering a one-day internal workshop on the analytical tools for dealing with uncertainty. It will cover:

    • Causes of uncertainty - examine different types of uncertainty, demystify the intelligence gap, make sense of the unknown, and appreciate what is knowable.
    • Response to uncertainty - exploit the benefit to be gained from a rational mind-set tuned to prevent errors common to collective or consensual decisions.

    This one day training course on "Dealing with uncertainty" is led by SAMI Associate Professor Garry Honey with Professor Paul Moxey. More details here

  • Training on bad decisions - overcoming cognitive bias

    You may think the last thing you need is training on what contributes to bad decisions. But in business, decision making is often done under time pressure without all the information required. Recognising some of the pitfalls allows us to challenge and improve decisions before they are implemented. Professor Paul Moxey will lead this one day training course. More details here

  • In-House training

    We continue to offer bespoke or "off-the-peg" courses to in-house teams, where the content of the exercises can be tailored to the specific environment of the organisation. Typically these courses would be in workshop format over two days, but can readily be adapted to meet clients' needs.

Detailed descriptions on the type of content of these courses and background material for the techniques are available on our training techniques pages.

For more information and prices for any of these courses, please contact us on